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Our Story

Curaechoice was built on a mutually-beneficial foundation. We thought it was important that everyone got a piece of the pie: Employers, Employees, and Healthcare Providers.

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Our Features

With Curaechoice, everyone wins. Curaechoice has no cost to patients, provides assurance to employers, and allows healthcare centers to focus on what really matters.

Key Crisis Points

Curaechoice was founded to address three key crisis points facing employer-sponsored health care:

22% of Americans have avoided doctor visits, medications, annual exams, screenings, vision checks, and routine blood work.
40% of Americans with employer-sponsored health insurance struggle to pay for their health care costs.
  • Patients with chronic care conditions skip required care, which worsens their health and drives the cost and treatment services.
  • Providers are constantly looking for ways to increase and stabilize patient volume to offset lost revenue.
  • Processing times on claim reimbursements are getting longer.
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Curaechoice takes this crisis head-on!

As a health care disruptor, we provide employers a strategy to attack costly rising healthcare costs!
Our comprehensive yet simple care coordination program focuses on:

Right now, employers are simply estimating new employee costs. With Curaechoice as a coordinated care ally, employers will add more health providers to their network at a known, fixed cost.

Through our employer-provided healthcare plan optimizer, we add more healthcare providers to your network at absolutely no cost to employees. Just show your Curaechoice membership card at time of service and pay no out-of-pocket* costs.

*Applies to co-pays and deductibles for new and future visits for employees who become members of Curaechoice. Existing balances due to unpaid co-pays and deductibles prior to the employee being a member of Curaechoice may still be required to be paid to provider. 
Note: No-show fees are not covered by the Curaechoice program. 

Curaechoice providers enjoy having access to a loyal member base within the Curaechoice program. Committed members = Loyal patients = Increased patient volume!

Sounds too good to be true? Contact Us to learn more and to find out why 90% of our program referrals are word of mouth.

The Right Choice! The Best Choice!  The Only Choice… is Curaechoice, Your Ally in Care Coordination.

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