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Curaechoice is an evolution in employer-provided healthcare. Ready to optimize your existing coverage?

With Curaechoice, everyone wins. Curaechoice has no cost to patients, provides assurance to employers, and allows healthcare centers to focus on what really matters.

Employees experience $0 copays and no deductible

Curaechoice benefits everyone. Under our employer-provided healthcare plan optimizer, we add more healthcare providers to your network at absolutely no cost to employees. It’s as easy as showing your Curaechoice card at the time payment is due.

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Employers save money with fixed-cost assurance.

Worry less, hire more. Right now, employers are simply estimating new employee costs. With Curaechoice as a coordinated care ally, employees will add more health providers to their network at a known, fixed cost. Benefits do not have to be guessing game.

Providers can focus on what’s really important

Patient care through a comfortable, individualized experience is the priority for all of our in-network providers. It typically takes an health-insurance company approximately 90 days to repay providers in their network. With our employee-provided healthcare optimizer, providers can expect that time to be cut in half so that they can focus on what really matters.

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Partner with Curaechoice and become part of the evolution of how we provide healthcare.

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