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You are good fit for Curaechoice if you:

  1. Are struggling to control rising health care costs for your organization
  2. Recognize that you need an effective way to help your employees become healthier
  3. Willing to dedicate a key team of people to work alongside Curaechoice to roll out this program company wide
  4. Are interested in a new “out of the box” program that works to optimize your health plan offerings through access to key specialties and reputable providers, all at a reduced cost for your company and employees?

You are a good fit for Curaechoice if you:

  1. Are cost conscious and interested in eliminating the copay and deductible fees that providers typically require is paid at the time of service
  2. Are looking for a program that is easy to follow and can be used the same day that membership becomes active
  3. Are looking for a program that your dependents can also use for needed health care screenings and annual exams
  4. Committed to optimize your program benefits and health by attending the recommended screenings and/or annual exams that you are advised to have performed

You are a good fit for Curaechoice if you:

  1. Are committed to providing quality health care to employees in need of screenings, treatment or annual exams
  2. Are committed to service excellence in the treatment of employees who become patients at your practice
  3. Are willing to participate in health fairs (including marketing activities, grab bag giveaways, Lunch and Learns, occasional raffles) as a way to energize and educate employees on key preventative care and wellness services to lessen the risk of developing chronic conditions