Program Specialties

Curaechoice focuses on making sure its program offers preventative care and wellness services.  By helping employees adhere to recommended screenings and annual exams, the risk of developing chronic conditions may be lessened.

Program Specialties

Program Specialities offered to Curaechoice members include:

Includes Stress Tests, comprehensive heart assessments.

Includes back and joint alignment, assessments in lieu of surgery.

Flu, Cold, Spasms, Headaches, Chest Pain, Broken/Fractured Bones, etc…

Services include Emergency room services and baby delivery services.

Counseling, Assessments, Personality Disorder Evaluations, etc…

Breast Exams, Pelvic Exams, Pap Smears, Hormonal Concerns, etc..

Cancer Care including chemotherapy, radiation therapy and proton therapy.

Includes exercises for improved motion, joint mobility.

CTs, Ultrasounds, Sonograms, PET scans, etc…

Medically Necessary Procedures.

PSA tests, prostate exams, hormones evaluation, erectile dysfunction.

Cleanings, Fillings, Orthodontics, etc…

Assessments, Clinical Programs and Treatments, etc…

Our Commitment

Curaechoice is committed to providing a comprehensive program of services that best meet the health care needs of  Curaechoice members.  Expansion of program specialties remain ongoing!

Our Role

There is no better reminder of the role Curaechoice plays in helping employees achieve their best than hearing from and/or seeing employees who have been able to enjoy program benefits at zero cost, including:

COVID Hospitalization

A number of members have been impacted by COVID and were able to utilize Curaechoice program benefits to minimize their cost impact due to treatment

Baby Deliveries

It is such an exciting time know that employees have been able to use Curaechoice for their family’s baby delivery needs. What better way to welcome a new addition to the family by not having to pay a co-pay or deductible!


Members are making time to have key screenings – mammograms, prostate exams, colonoscopies – which have historically been set aside because of high costs.

We encourage employees to make their health a key priority.  HEALTH IS WEALTH!  It is cheaper to be well!!