What We Deliver

Value Proposition

Curaechoice is passionate about delivering  value to its stakeholders.


The Curaechoice program is purposely created to be simple to understand and follow. There are no hidden fees or vague terms. The intent of the program is for anyone, at any level, to understand and utilize program benefits that are made available within the Curaechoice program. 


The Curaechoice program is intentionally focused on a limited, specifically-created program that is customized to the needs of each self-insured employer. We utilize cost data, feedback, and employee interactions to ensure that the program consistently strives to meet and/or exceed the expectations of our key stakeholders.


The Curaechoice program was established to address the cost challenges facing self-insured employers and their employees. Curaechoice is proud to provide a program that is both affordable and scalable and has proven to benefit our key stakeholders.

Program Deliverables

Our Program Deliverables are Consistent in Facilitating Our Stakeholders’ Success.

Program Package

Our Comprehensive Program Package includes:

  • Onboarding Project Plan and Communication Tools for Your Team
  • Program Literature to Help Educate Members
  • Employer Mentoring and Supporting Tools for Program Rollout
  • Specialties Guide for Members to Choose Their Desired Health Care Services
  • Health Fair Coordination with Program Providers (COVID-19 Protocols Adhered To)
  • Provider-Supplied Grab-Bag Items and Occasional Program Raffles to Help Generate Employee Engagement and Program Excitement

Member Testimonials

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Video Snippets

Check out a few of our animated Curaechoice videos that highlight how the program applies at the employer and employee level.