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Why self-insured employers?

  1. Self-insured employers bear the burden of health care costs and the risks for their workforce.
  2. In most areas of the United States, self-insured employers lack the market power to negotiate hospital prices (Large Self-insured Employers Lack Power to Effectively Negotiate Hospital Prices – amjc.com).
  3. Self-insured employers do all that they can to protect their most important asset—their people. Employers look to offer a health care plan that allows them to provide their employees access to quality health care at an affordable cost.

Crisis Points for Self-Insured Employers

Employee Financial Struggles

Employees feel the impact of increasing health care costs by their employer, resulting in some employees facing financial hardship and forgoing care. Recent surveys by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) highlight this very issue that employees are struggling with.

Delays in Getting Vital Care

Furthermore, recent data analyses by Curaechoice show that employees and/or their dependents face a number of health challenges, including cancer, heart disease, joint and back issues, COVID-19 cases, obesity, and diabetes due to a failure to adhere to required exams and screenings. These chronic conditions drive some of the highest health care costs for employers.

Lack of a Coordinated Care Program

Curaechoice considers it a privilege to serve the employees of our self-insured employers. By providing employees with a comprehensive coordinated care program, employees are able to focus on what matters—their health and the health of their dependents without the concern of cost. A healthy workforce is a productive workforce!

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committed providers

Curaechoice believes its program must use reputable and committed providers who share in our commitment to provide employees with access to preventative care and wellness services without the burden of cost. This shared commitment builds a powerful alliance that provides employees confidence in the care they will receive by providers within the Curaechoice program.